Another group of Australian parents attended the Institutes’ “What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child” course last week in Singapore. One of these parents was Lee Spears, the father we mentioned in the previous post about gorgeous baby Lester.

We received an email tonight from Lianne, Lester’s Mum.  “Lee is back from the course now and whilst I was insanely jealous that he got to go instead of me, I feel it was for the best. He was meant to go!

Lee has come back from the course with excellent ideas and a huge amount of motivation for Lester’s development. This change has made such a massive difference already. I don’t need to spend countless hours explaining why we need to spend hundreds of dollars on tap filters or why we need to spend $$ on glass containers and why we are throwing our plastic away or don’t feed him that, etc.

The first thing Lee did when he came back was to throw all the food out that was not suitable and then go out shopping for the correct produce.  We are both reading from the same book and Lester will be the winner here. I can’t thank the Grow Foundation enough.”

Well done to the LLL family! And we wish all families embarking on this great adventure all the very best.

Kristen & Sarah.