We are thrilled to say that our Grow Foundation is now up and running! Our launch event was a great success, with most of our guests commenting that we have opened their eyes to potential they were not aware of before the event.

You can now read on this website the Six Australian Stories we published in the Launch Event Program. These are stories of children with a variety of challenges who are all defying the odds and getting better, naturally.

As well as entertainment from Jazz trio Anna Gilkison and Gary Pinto, our guest speakers Dr Peter Holsman and Dr Nahla Khraim, shared their insights into how natural lifestyle and natural / alternative  / complimentary therapies can be of huge benefit for children with neurological challenges.

So now the work really begins! We will soon begin our monthly online auctions to continue our fundraising activities, and are open to suggestions for other ways to raise funds and awareness.

We would like to thank Dr Peter Holsman and Dr Nahla Khraim for their time and support.  Thanks too to our long list of sponsors and supporters who made our launch event possible.
To our friends and families, thank you for backing us up during an incredibly busy February!  Stay tuned for the video of the night’s events to be uploaded to this website soon…
Here’s to helping many families and to spreading the message of hope!
Sarah & Kristen.