The Grow Foundation began with one mother’s desire to help another, and has snowballed into an organization promising to give hope to many.

When Sarah Delarue & Kristen Morrison met in 2009, Kristen was writing her book – Naturally Better. Once published, Sarah read the book and was moved by the family’s story of dedication and ultimate success for their son, Gryffin. Sarah’s insight into the struggles this family endured along the way left her feeling like she wanted to help them in some way.  After attending the Douglas Doman seminar Kristen hosted in March 2010, Sarah decided to enrol in the IAHP course – held in Philadelphia – for parents of ‘well’ or ‘typically developing’ children. This course taught Sarah how to help her own daughters to achieve their greatest potential, in all areas of development.

With the depth of understanding Sarah gained from her experience in Philadelphia, Sarah also realised that she wanted to help Kristen spread the message of hope – for children with special needs – in some significant way.

In September 2010, at a children’s birthday party in a backyard in Melbourne, The Grow Foundation, for Naturally Better Kids, was born.