AGE ~ 14 months Diagnosis – Down syndrome

Beth was 2 weeks old when we found Naturally Better on the internet. This book was a great inspiration and introduced us to all of the therapies we are currently doing with Beth and the whole family.  Beth’s first therapy was with a Chiropractor who was helping us treat her hip dysplasia.  We then started to see a Naturopath to start the NAET treatment and an Osteopath to help with the development of her facial features as she was suffering with chronic conjunctivitis.
Naturally Better also introduced us to the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP).  We immediately went out and bought many of IAHP’s books and started Beth on a program which included mobility and sensory development and reading. Later we included Maths, swimming and brachiation.  We also enrolled on the What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child course which provided more detail to back up the books and provided the opportunity to ask questions of the staff regarding Beth’s program.  It was also a massive motivator when you were able to see some of the results achieved by other children on the program.
Just before attending the course, we took Beth for a routine Physiotherapy appointment. We were delighted when the Physio said “Beth is one of the most developmentally advanced children with Down syndrome I have ever seen!” At 6 months, she was sitting up (for several minutes) rolling all over the place, starting to crawl, and pivoting. We were excited to imagine what might happen when we started doing the IAHP program properly. Beth, however, had a difficult winter with various colds and chest infections and began to take a number of supplements to help build up her immune system.

Beth’s is now a very happy 14 month old girl with a strong, determined personality.  She was crawling at 10 months, cross-pattern creeping at 11 months and has been walking unaided since 12 ½ months.  Beth loves to learn – we are very lucky in this!  We have begun her Maths program, Intelligence program and she is learning to read 8 new words every day. Her immune system is much stronger due to the nutritional supplements and increased mobility and is now able to see off most illnesses with very little impact.

We do not believe that Beth would be making such fantastic progress if we hadn’t found Naturally Better or IAHP.