Naturally Better, by Kristen Morrison, tells the story of one Melbourne family’s quest to help their son – who was born with Down syndrome – to beat the odds and achieve exceptional health and development.

With extraordinary results along the way, this family pursued many natural and alternative therapies, while documenting the improvements they observed. This book – which contains over 70 colour photographs and diagrams – not only tells a story of healing, it explains in layman’s terms what each of the therapies are, how they work and why they might help children of all abilities to get better, naturally.

The book was written to share the knowledge and experience in the hope that it might benefit other families and give relief to parents who fear there is nothing they can do to help their child improve.

‘This extraordinary book gives inspiration and hope to all parents who want the best health for their children. Kristen left no stone unturned as she explored both mainstream medicine and natural therapies, including nutrition, vitamins, minerals and osteopathy in her successful bid to achieve optimal health for her young son Gryffin with Down’s Syndrome. Bridging the chasm that separates theory from what actually works is a fantastic achievement. Well done!’

Dr. Peter Holsman, General Practitioner, Naturopath – The Well Being Institute of Australia

Since its publication in October 2009, Naturally Better has helped parents – from literally all over the world – to access therapies which have helped their children with conditions such as Down syndrome, Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy & Autism.  Naturally Better has received rave reviews from parents, practitioners and celebrities alike, including the following:

It isn’t often I would recommend a book to every parent but this one is just the inspirational story we all need to hear.

‘This book is an invaluable source for anyone wanting to tackle and conquer the myriad of challenges that our kids face. Kristen has listened to her heart and followed her instincts in a holistic manner, on how to heal and assist her son in achieving his personal best!  This family’s journey reminds us that we have the power to be the masters of our destiny and we instinctively know that there is much we can do that is not necessarily the road most travelled.’

Deborra-Lee  & Hugh Jackman


‘Australian children are facing an epidemic of neuro-biological disease driven bynutritional deficiencies and toxicity. Naturally Better offers parents hope with real healthcare solutions that can help with ADHD, Autism, learning delay and optimal health for every child.’

Leslie Embersits, Director, Mindd


‘This book is a great gift to parents in general and to ones who are going through what we are specifically.’

Ronen & Fani Tsachi – parents of a young child with Down syndrome, Israel


$5 from the sale of every copy of the book is donated to the Grow Foundation.

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